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Both seminars and support of new entrepreneurial ideas services are provided in circles. Aggregately, Blue Lab integrates three circles annually. Each circle has a duration of 4 months. Three of these four months are regarded as direct services to the participants (tutorial, consulting), while the first circle of each month is preparatory and it is devoted to the promotion of the upcoming circle, the collection and evaluation of the petitions and the formation of the teams.

The participants are chosen, after the submission and evaluation of their petitions, in response to the relevant invitation for each circle. The invitations are posted to the official website of Blue Lab before the commencement of each circle.  The invitations are open, and they include all the required information that a potential participant needs in order to declare their  intention to participate (basic terms of the provision of the services, the content of the application that the potential beneficiaries have to submit, criteria of selection, number of available spots).

The petitions can also be virtually compiled, through the official website, by filling out a specific e-form, which secures the full provision of the required information from the potential participant of the “lab”.

Technical Equipment Use and Educational Visits

Blue Lab has designed a special equipment disposal program which is exclusively offered to advanced users. The program is scheduled according to the Center’s availability and is no subject to circles.

Provision of equipment is free, addressing those familiar with the provided software and equipment. Those interested can submit their application electronically by completing the specific electronic form, in response to the relevant invitation that is accessible through Applications are evaluated based on the invitation criteria. Applications can be submitted all year long.

Educational visits take place all year long, based on the Center’s availability, and are no subject to circles. For an educational organization to visit Blue Lab, it must submit electronically the relevant request (available electronic form) in order to

schedule the visit upon availability and priority. Requests for educational visits can be submitted all year long.

3D and Digital Technology Seminars
Disposal of Technological Equipment
Educative Visitations
Appeals to:
Groups or people who want to be educated and experiment with the function of advanced 3D designing and printing machines and sophisticated sensors, activators and micro-electro engineering systems
People who are familiar with the specialized equipment and software in order to produce pilot products in the sector of the Blue Economy
In schools (Primary and secondary education) or groups of scholars who would like to meet the capabilities of the advanced technological equipment
Selection of the Participants:
The selection of the participants will be completed through priority order of the petitions, but it will also be taken into consideration the volume of the familiarization of the participants in relevance with the information technology, and communication to a lesser extent
The selection of the participants will be fulfilled through priority order, but it will be also taken into consideration the volume of familiarization of the participants in relevance with the corresponding technology
The educative visitations of the students/scholars at Blue Lab will follow priority order and the scheduling framework of the Center
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