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The vision of the Municipality of Piraeus is for the existence of an area that will promote real and applied innovation, which leads to the creation of a model machine shop of the 21st century which will be housed in Blue Lab’s facilities.

The cornerstone of Blue Lab is composed of the technologies of 3d Printing & 3d Scanning, CAD/CAM and the ability of garbage recycling for the generation of raw material in the framework of an innovative, digital, cycling economy.

The model technology lab’s aim is for the growth, the experimentation, and the denaturing of entrepreneurial ideas into first-cut and prototype through the lab’s education and guidance.

The technological equipment of Blue Lab includes:

3D Printer Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) 3D Printer Stratasys F270

The professional 3D Printer FDM 3D satisfies the need of construction prototype and general items through the usage of an abundance of industrial level polymer materials. The application is recommended for the construction of items ready for appropriation, initial prototype products, tools and original products capable for initial and functional trials.

3D Printer ColorJet Printer 3D systems Projet 660 PRO

The professional 3D printer Color Jet 3D Printer Projet 660 PRO is used for the construction of color items, significantly detailed via the usage of sophisticated organic material. More specifically, it provides the manufacturing of fully detailed color maquettes, color visualization models and color pre-operation models, etc. It may be used by familiar users for the manufacturing of significantly detail color maquettes in a very short period (architects, decorators, contractors) and for the construction of unique (custom) items such as color figures.

3D Printer Polyjet Printer 3D Systems ProJet MJP 2500 Plus

The PolyJet 3D Printer 3D Systems ProJet MJP 2500 Plus provides the capability of manufacturing significantly accurate items. The usage of the printer is recommended for the construction of prototypes and it appeals to familiar users. The 3D Printer Polyjet Printer 3D Systems ProJet MJP 2500 Plus stands out for the provision of an exquisite finishing at the surface of the printing and it is used primarily for the manufacture of items which come under in aesthetic controls.

3D Printers Laser Sla 3D Printers Formlabs Form2

The 3D Printer Laser SLA 3D Printer Formlabs Form2 can manufacture highly accurate items with engineering and temperature durability. The main application has to do with the construction of molds of jewelry via the method of molding, dentistry manufacturing, small dimension and highly accurate figures. The printer stands out for the high resolution and accuracy of the printed items that it is able to produce, admitting the construction of complex and functional prototypes with outstanding surface finishing and dimensional accuracy

3D Layer Plastic Deposition (LPD)Printers in various sizes

The portable small size 3D printers Layer Plastic Deposition (LPD) 3D Printers are comprised of one 3D ZORTRAX M300, two 3D Printers RAISE PRO2PLUS and 3 3D Printers CRAFTBOT PLUS. The 3D Printers of this category can manufacture low cost items, and their open architecture consists of the ideal educative platform for the demonstration and learning of 3D technology. Their portability is an extra essential advantage.

3D Scanners

The 3D scanners contribute greatly to the emblazonment of the existing 3D items and to the direct modification of them into 3D digital models (3D CAD Models). By this method, the existing items are emblazoned, and they can be optimized digitally in a very short period, in comparison with the option of designing in the first place. The 3D digital models can be directly distributed for final manufacturing in 3D Printers.
The Blue Lab features 3 kinds of 3D Scanners:


  1. Table 3D Scanner Desktop 3D Scan in a box FX Scanner

  2. 3D Handheld Scanner ARTEC 3D EVA SCANNER

  3. 3D Scanner iSense compatible with tablet

Manufacturing equipment for filament material 3DEVO ADV

The manufacturing equipment for filament material through the exploitation of plastic waste from urban areas provides the possibility for quick recycling and the appropriation of them in the framework of the real, cycling economy and the sustainable growth. By this method, the user can reuse the plastic waste in order to produce filament material for LPD 3D Printers.

Designing software CAD Solidworks

The software CAD solidworks is appropriated for 2D sketching, 3D modeling and modeling for assembled sets, creation of aspects of assemblage and manufacturing plans.

Practical and understandable, it is considered as an ideal option for the introduction of the amateur users in the “world” of 3D design. The learning and the usage of this software is the basic step for an occupation within digital manufacturing.

Equipment for digital technology application

The Arduino Kit SparkFun Inventor’s Kit v4.0 is qualified for the acquisition of electronical programming and an introduction to robotics through the usage of reading sensors.

It is accompanied with:

  1. Arduino Uno Rev3 Plaques

  2. Micro checking plaques Arduino ADK for cell phone interconnection

  3. Sensor Kit

  1. Equipment for digital technology application

The Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ is an extremely tiny computer with main applications in the education of the creation of programming and the coding of the computer, the modification of it as a Media Center and the manufacturing of simple electronic circuits. It is accompanied with:


  • Raspberry Pi 7’’

  • SparkFun Essential and Raspberry Pi Sense hat for interconnection with sensors

  • Pi Camera Module V2

  • Micro SD memory

Equipment for digital technology application

The Kit of virtual reality of Oculus Rift has been made for the simulation, either for a real or imaginary environment, via the usage of a computer. It uses headphones for virtual reality or environments of multiplied projections, in combination with physical environments or sceneries for the creation of pictures, sounds and other senses which simulate the physical presence of a user in a virtual or even an imaginary environment. It has a tutorial purpose, so the trainee has the opportunity to “look around” the artificial world, move around in it and interact with virtual attributes or items.

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