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Mission and Vision

Blue Lab is the first center to promote and support business innovation exclusively for Blue Growth in Greece. It is a flagship initiative of the Municipality of Piraeus, aiming to provide a springboard for developing new ventures, ideas and products using advanced technology, always within the Blue Economy.

It is a modern and technologically advanced place that welcomes young people who want to develop technological and business skills. Through a range of services, Blue Lab cultivates the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship.

In the "blue workshop" of the Municipality of Piraeus young people have the opportunity for complete support in the implementation of business ideas.  From being educated in and also experimenting with key technologies, such as 3D printing and microelectronic systems, to learning about the modern trends of Blue Growth as it is reflected today.

At the same time, and through a series of parallel activities such as workshops, seminars, presentations, events and conferences, the Center creates a potential communication channel between market and business groups, with a view to exchanging expertise, best practices and opportunities of financing and partnerships.

The people of Blue Lab, coming from the Greek market, support the participants through a series of advisory tools specifically developed for the Center, adjusting to the needs of each group, recognizing the uniqueness of each participant and each idea. Simultaneously, the group at Blue Lab closely monitors market developments and the industry and ensures that the it is always at the center of developments.

The aim of Blue Lab is to be a point of reference on both a national and European level that produces and develops blue products that shape market trends, promotes sustainability and fosters development.


Blue Lab’s basic services are 4, and can be divided in two categories, that of technological equipment utilization services and that of business ideas maturing services.

From those two 4 services, those concerning the provision of free technological seminars and those of supporting new business ideas (business accelerator) are provided in circles. This means that those selected to participate are given a cycle of comprehensive service that lasts three months and includes specific support stages, specifically developed for the purpose of the "blue workshop".

Services concerning the use of the technical equipped by certified uses as well as school visits are provided all year long regardless of cycles.

Blue Lab services address the needs of the following:

  • Groups or individuals wishing to be trained and experiment with using advanced 3D design and printing equipment and sophisticated sensors, actuators and microelectromechanical systems.

  • Schools (Primary & Secondary Education) or groups of students or pupils who want to experience the capabilities of advanced technological equipment.

  • People familiar with the specific hardware and software wishing to use the equipment to produce test products in the Blue Economy.

  • Groups of potential entrepreneurs, students or individuals who have a business idea in the field of Blue Growth and need support and guidance in order to develop the business.


Since participant’s categories differ, service cycles are developed in four categories, respectively, to support the needs of each group targeted.

As a result, different kinds of tutorials are developed, as are different mentoring and coaching services depending on the category of the group. This allows parallel education and support of groups and individuals and also provides specialized tools for each participant in order to ensure coverage of each need separately.

Please find detailed information about the services of each category and how to participate here.

Blue Growth

The concept of "Blue Growth" is adopted by the European Union and refers to the long-term strategy to support the sustainable development of the marine and maritime sector in Europe. The aim of this strategy is the promotion of smart, sustainable and integrated growth and employment opportunities, as seas and oceans are important drivers of the European economy.

This sector includes all activities (traditional and otherwise) in the marine environment and ecosystem. Traditional activities are fishing, tourism, ship repair activities and maritime transport, while new activities include additional energy generation from the sea, aquaculture, extraction of solid, liquid and gaseous fossil from the underwater bottom and the sea biotechnology.

The importance given by the European Union to Blue Growth and Economy is not accidental because of the great potential for growth, innovation and job creation. It is estimated that there are currently 5.4 million people employed in this sector in the European Union, while the product output amounts to approximately 500 billion €.

Considering the above, the EU Blue Growth strategy develops three priority axes focus:

  • of current knowledge, technologies and information available to the marine environment

  • Enhancement of industry sectors that have potential for creating new jobs

  • Development of specialized programs and policies commensurate to the specificities of each sea area

More information on Blue Growth and EU strategy  

Municipality of Piraeus

Piraeus is now the second most important metropolitan center of the Attica region after Athens and the largest port of Greece. At the same time, it is the centerpiece of a larger production system and a versatile labor market, with a key role in the life and economy of Athens and the country.

Recognizing the need to further reinforce itself, the Municipality of Piraeus developed a comprehensive strategy for Blue Growth, to initiate coordinated actions that will make the city an innovative, competitive and sustainable organization and activities development Center associated with the Blue Economy. This is also the vision of Piraeus for the future. The Municipality of Piraeus is indeed one of the first to seek to develop a similar strategy at a local level.


This strategy, which covers the period until 2024, is aligned with the needs of Blue Growth, including priority actions such as the promotion of knowledge and skills of human resources for the development of the Blue Economy, and the promotion of entrepreneurship, support research, growth and innovation in the Blue Economy issues.


Blue Lab is an innovative action in this direction, with an aim to produce and promote innovation and its connection with production and business in the Blue Growth sector.

It is noteworthy that in the past the Municipality of Piraeus has successfully implemented similar actions such as Blue Growth Piraeus and BLUACT.

Please find more information about the Municipality of Piraeus here

Region of Attica

The Region of Attica, based on its growth policy and in accordance with the Regional Strategy Smart Specialization of 2014-2020, chooses to invest in research and innovation in the Blue Economy sector as it recognizes it as one of the three areas of expertise in terms of employment. It constitutes an area with many development and investment prospects for the region in areas such as marine and maritime tourism, inland transport, goods management and supply chain, the construction of vessels, fish farming and aquaculture.


Furthermore, the strengthening and promotion of research, innovation and new knowledge and their connection with the production of new products and services is a European, national and regional priority.

Blue Lab is part of the intention of the Region, in 2020, to try to create an innovation culture that can orient and connect with new, original and competitive products and services that create added value to business, the economy and society.

Blue Lab’s creation and operation for two years is financed by resources of the Region of Attica under the Program Contract with the Municipality of Piraeus (Judgment no. 34/2018 of the Regional Council).

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