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3D Technology Seminars.

  • 3D Design Seminar using Solidworks software

This seminar’s aim is to train in the production of two-dimensional and three-dimensional designs of each type. Participants can create technical designs easily, quickly and with absolute precision, become acquainted with the basic principles of modeling in two and three dimensions, and create components, assemblies and dimensioned construction designs generated by facets and cross sections of three-dimensional objects. The seminar is designed in such a way to make design methodology understandable and easy, with clear and practical examples of existing application. At the same time, participants will also be introduced to 3D Scanning technology, thus obtaining an overview of designing in three dimensions.



  • D Printing Seminar

The 3D printing workshops using Blue Lab’s 3D Printing equipment intends to familiarize participants with the principles of operation of 3D Printing and the different technologies available in Blue Lab. Participants will learn the principles of operation, its capabilities, and basic operating knowledge of a 3D Printer. Furthermore, they will become acquainted with the properties of the different materials used, the definition of component parameters in preparation software and receive helpful tips for making the most out of the offered technology.

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